California Southern Belle x Victory Cup Polo Match

It’s been a whole year and some months since I relocated to Charleston and the most exciting “southern belle” experience I’ve had was food. Lots of food! Ha!

This weekend, however, I got a piece of the southern charm I’ve been hoping for. Granted, if I would have just gotten out of my own way, I probably could have enjoyed it  a lot sooner. That’s neither here nor there. I’m striving for happiness in the South now and that’s literally all that matters!

So! This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my very first polo match at the Hyde Park Farm & Polo Club in Ravenel, S.C. for the Victory Cup. It was everything I dreamt a classic southern day-out should be.

Everyone was dressed to impress. Men were in khaki suits (which I understand fashion but boy was it hot out), women were in lovely sundresses with smiles to match! But the obvious stars of the show were the many top of the line and extravagant hats flowing around the event. From big to small, floral and lace, each head piece surely made a statement!

The highlight of the polo match for me (of course the horses were cute) was meeting new people, engaging and having a grand time. I look forward to attending the next match in April, I’ll have my hat ready to flaunt my fancy!


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