I Love Cruising: La Dolce Vita Style

There’s a certain place in life some people come to where they decide to stop being scared, stop second guessing themselves-hell, stop thinking they just plain can’t… and they do.

That’s the point I’ve finally reached and now I’m back! Writing, ensuring I force myself to edit as much content as possible so I can share all my adventures with the masses! Ya see, I’ve been experiencing quite the life, been all around the world since the last time I exercised my fingertips to express such. Nevertheless, I’m back!

My mission is to inspire all to travel the world and give the best excursions and honest reviews so that you can book your next trip with ease. So, let’s get into it!

In the last year, I moved from Japan to Italy, really a dream come true! I’ve literally tried to get here my whole entire Air Force career and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to my job, I get federal holidays off from work. You know what that means? Long holiday weekends all around Italy and Europe. The one we’ll be getting into is my solo Juneteenth weekend in the Amalfi Coast!

First, let’s get into the amazing ride I had throughout Positano, thanks to the lovely gents at Positano Vintage Dream. PVD is a classic automobile, Vespa and vintage boat rental service. You can rent the rides and drive around yourself if you have the proper international driver’s license, or you can reserve a driver from one of their many packages. You book the service via email, where the sales manager will schedule your trip with you and tell you the proper locations to meet if you’re not staying at the few hotels they pick you up from.

I opted for the “Classic” ride with their Fiat 500 Ragtop. This package was two hours and included cruising “the scenic spots in Positano and the surrounding areas to take unforgettable photos… typical of the ‘dolce vita’ and Italy.” Dolce vita is the “sweet life” in Italian and this trip was exactly that!

My driver was Mauro (forgive me for my spelling *crying emoji*) and he was a wonder! From the amazing views to whizzing between buses and other vehicles throughout the many winding roads that formed the beautiful Amalfi Coast, overlooking the breathtaking Sorrento Peninsula. As their website suggests, I really “[relived] the emotions of the past times.”

Best of all, Mauro was quite the elite iPhone photographer, when I thought it necessary to break out my Sony A6400! He knew how to capture all the right angles to encompass the totality of the views and the yellow Fiat we rode around in while making me look good in it! I gleamed at every moment captured with pure glee, honestly. He directed me in the mini movies he shot in 4K video on my 12 Max Pro with perfection! Not to mention the history lesson he shared about he and his family’s time throughout the coast. That’s always my favorite of course.

If you are planning a trip down to Positano and looking to check out the coast in something way cooler than just the everyday bus tour, I highly suggest trying your luck at scheduling a ride with Positano Vintage Dream. Be sure to contact them early though, they’re always booked and busy! With good reason!

So, that was my lovely vintage ride along the Amalfi Coast! Stay tuned for the rest of this amazing weekend!  

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